Aug 7, 2016


She is patient. She is kind. She is never jealous. She's the infinite definition of love. She is stunningly beautiful in her own unique and special way. She is very humble and her personality always reminds me to always set my foot on the ground. She always has this forgiving heart. Even she does not have enough but she will try to provide you in abundance.

I don't even believe anger is in her vocabulary. She doesn't know how to curse or have a hatred feeling. She is always beautiful and blooming with the goodness that blossoms from her heart and exudes an overwhelming love. She is very inspirational that even in your darkest hour and difficult moments; just plainly the thought of her could lift you up. She has these down-to-earth ears that never fail to listen to your confusions about the world. She may tell you less but makes you speechless for the most genuine understanding that is so heartening.

She may look ordinary to other people but for me she is one mighty superhero of my life. Her super powers? Her unbeatable goodness that kills; it is so great that all the badness and negativity you project on her and to the one she loves reflects back right at you. She has her own way of protecting us by keeping us on the rightful side and never fails to remind us that nobody can hurt ourselves if we do constantly generate unconditional love to life.

A comforting wife, the best mother and a wonderful person, my Mama! A year older once again but forever looking young and pretty. I love you so much & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)