Oct 17, 2013

Think Positive And Things Will Go Right

Everyone's life is full of events. Most events are routine ones and we forget them with time. However, there are some events, which we remember for the whole life. Such memorable events may be positive or negative. Such events have a great significance in life. If one thinks deeply, they also convey a deep message and the message is that life is a complex phenomenon governed by many unseen forces. The events of life are not solely in our hands though our role is important. This role is mainly played by our thoughts and my experience is that our thought have a direct bearing on the course of events in our life. Of course, we have to face what is due to us on account of our destiny, but even the impact of destiny is affected by our thought process. If our thoughts are positive, events turn for the better and if negative, for the worse.

When we face a situation with positive attitude, faith, patience, hope and sincerity, the answers come on their own.

A problem is a problem only as long as we consider it a problem. On the other hand, every problem is an opportunity in disguise and a greater problem is a greater opportunity. True, some problems have no answer but they have a purpose. We have either to find an answer to the problem or seek a purpose behind it. Both enrich our life and make it worth living.

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